"Migration from North Africa: The Political Reasons



Since the 1980s migration has been one of the most urging problems in Northern Africa: At the same time when people from Sub-Saharan countries settle there, the quantity of migrants from the Maghreb reaching the south coast of the European continent has grown tremendously. People leave their home and their country due to hunger, aridity, lack of economic chances, political and social pressure. Michaela Koller analyses how the political system of each country in the Maghreb influences the quantity of migration. She comes to the conclusion that human and civil rights violations, a lack of democracy and constitutional state as well as the influence of Islamic fundamentalism correspond with the number of people in exile. In Morocco and Tunisia as well leftist as Islamic opposition is suppressed. In Libya several occupational groups are discriminated. Most migrants leaving Algeria were counted on the climax of the armed conflict in 1993 (112,759). 11,262 Algerians applied for asylum in Germany that year.



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